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Product Description:

The Pultruded FRP Cooling Towers are light weight as well as non-corrosive, providing long life, durability and high strength. Construction and installation time is very less compared to conventional RCC or Wooden Cooling tower.

Technical Specifications:

  • Available with single cell capacity up to 4500 cubic meter per hour.
  • Multi cell capacities up to any size in counter flow design with film fill and splash fill design.
  • Structure is made up of Pultruded Fiberglass material.
  • Hot dip galvanised, MS hardware are used to withstand corrosion. Stainless Steel hardware is available at extra cost.
  • Casing is made up of Pultruded FRP/Corrugated FRP Sheets of adequate thickness.
  • Fan Deck is made up of robust & Strong Pultruded FRP Panels/Sheets.
  • FRP fans are of proven design provided by Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.
  • Fan cylinder is made up of tough & durable FRP/GRP material.
  • Drift eliminator: we use efficient PVC Drift Eliminator in cellular/full wave design to reduce water losses & fan air pressure resulting in low energy consumption by fan. Fill of Film type or Splash type as per requirement of client is provided.
  • Nozzles made up of PP/PVC, SS/HDG/Carbon Fibre, no clogging type are provided for optimum efficiency. Drive shafts duly balanced in SS/HDG Steel material in hollow construction are provided.
  • Gear box: Spiral bevel or Spiral Bevel cum helical, design is validated by Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. These are made to meet requirement of STD-III of CTI, USA and AGMA standards. Prior to shipment, load testing of each & every gear box, is carried out at factory to provide our clients zero defect Gear Box.

Product USP:

  • Highly efficient.
  • Ultimate quality, reliability and longevity.
  • Best suited where sea water or hard water is used.
  • Replacement for old large wooden cooling towers.
  • Could be used instead of large RCC cooling towers, saves cost and space.

Types of cooling towers available with us:

  • Pultruded FRP Counter Flow Cooling Tower with Splash Fill
  • Pultruded FRP Counter Flow Cooling Tower with Film Fill
  • Pultruded FRP Cross Flow Cooling Tower with Splash Fill