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Product Description:

Cooling Towers with Direct Drive System are lower & medium capacity cooling towers & up to 8 feet diameter fan are supplied with multi blade cast Aluminium/FRP adjustable pitch fan blade with M.S. fabricated H.D.G. hub and S.S. hardware.

Technical Specifications:

Motor provided with the system is special low R.P.M. totally enclosed vertical, flange type with enlarge & threaded shaft & sealed top is supplied with the cooling tower. The motor is totally weather proof in IP-55 construction suitable for heated & humid atmosphere. Main structural components & other light sections machined with selected preservative timber.

All structural joints are bolted with galvanized bolts and S.S./Brass Nails. Stainless Steel or Phosphor Bronze hardware can be supplied at an extra cost. For uniform distribution of water, hot water basin is equipped with distribution box through which the water is equally distributed in the hot water basin & is further splashed downward through spray target nozzles.

The standard cladding of profile corrugated sheet, the joints of which are lapped to shed water only inside the cooling tower. Specially designed eliminator from single pass pattern to four pass pattern of various materials are provided according to applications to minimise bleed of losses. Fill bars are designed to offer maximum splash surface and wetted surface resulting in a high heat transfer rate. The wooden PVC fills are supported on wooden stringers or inside S.S. Wire mesh grids which assure positive & permanent positioning. Different type of fill materials with different shapes are available according to suited design of applications.

In the above model, Fan is directly coupled with the slow RPM motors (vertical Flange mounted with sealed top & enlarged threaded shaft). However, as an option gear driven fan system can be provided if required in some stringent applications.

Note: Dimensions & other Engineering Data are available with Proposal / Quotation.