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Osmosis is a natural process. When two liquids of different concentration are separated by a semi permeable membrane, the fluid has a tendency to move from low concentration to high solute concentrations for chemical potential equilibrium.

Reverse osmosis membrane separation is a method of water treatment in which pressure is applied against a feed water to force it through a semipermeable membrane and separates water molecules from other constituents available in the water. Reverse osmosis (RO) separates the feed water into two effluent streams, a desired permeate (Product) and a higher salinity concentrate (reject) stream. Reverse osmosis is suitable for industrial processes and the production of potable (drinking) water, mineral water.


  • Reliable functioning
  • 50 to 100000 liter per day (Increase capacity RO also be manufactured as per requirement)
  • Hassle free operation
  • 1 year Manufacturing warranty
  • Product water TDS <100 ppm or less as required.


Mineral water, Packaging Water, Drinking water, Industrial filtration application, Boiler, Chemical filtration, Institutional, beverage Industries use etc.


  • Material: MS,SS, UPVC, FRP
  • Working hours: 8-12 hours per day
  • Note: MOC, Electrical specification, working hours can be complied as per specific requirement