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Our Vision — To be the Industrial Leader and a Market Driven Cooling Tower, Chilling Plant & Water Treatment Systems Manufacturing Company Renowned for Excellence, Quality, Performance & Reliability
Cooling Towers Chilling Plants Water Treatment Products Spares, FRP Fans & Reconstruction Paltech Coolign Towers - two time award winners
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Welcome to Paltech

PALTECH stands for the highest standards of quality and integrity in business of Cooling Towers, Water Treatment Systems and Chilling Plants . Our reputation for uncompromising professionalism in everything we do has earned the trust of our clients.

PALTECH was founded in 1986 as a small Cooling Tower Manufacturing Company. With a dedicated and enthusiastic effort of Mr. H P Yadav, MD & CEO, the growth of the Company has been so rapid that today it is one of the leading manufacturers of Cooling Towers, Water Treatment Systems and Chilling Plants in the world.
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Paltech Video Introduction

Paltech Cooling Towers & Equipments Ltd.
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Two Time National Award Winner

Paltech is two time National Award Winner from the Govt. of India

Why Choose Paltech?

  • High quality components
  • Low Noise
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Economical in Production Cost
  • Accuracy in Process Control
  • Fully Automatics and Independent Design
  • Smarter, Simpler, Safer and more Reliable Products