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While making enquiries, please furnish the following information in your query, to enable us to propose you right products and services

For Cooling Towers:

  • Quality of water to be circulated per minute/hour.
  • Hot water temperature to cooling tower/chilling plant.
  • Cold water temperature from cooling tower/chilling plant.
  • Wet bulb temperature prevailing at the site.
  • Water analysis report.
  • Application and the location of the installation.
  • In case of liquid other than water, please also mention the specific gravity, specific heat and latent heat.

For Water Treatment Equipments/Systems:

  • Raw Water Analysis report
  • Treated water quantity required per minute/hour and total between two operations/regenerations
  • Quality of Treated water required/suggested by equipment manufacturer/supplier
  • Application and end use of water

For Other Products:

  • Just, feel free to send in your queries