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Water cooled chillers have longer life, higher efficiency, large capacity and also refrigerant containment. Water-cooled chillers are typically intended for indoor installation and operation, and are cooled by a separate condenser water loop and connected to outdoor cooling towers to expel heat to the atmosphere.

Due to their less consumption of power they are usually preferred by those seeking optimum efficiency of power consumption.

Water cooled chillers may be preferred because of better heat transfer properties of water as compared to air cooled chillers. The primary advantage of water is that the film coefficient is better with water than air. Film coefficient controls heat transfer with given constant area and temperature difference.

Air-cooled chillers absorb heat from process water and transferred to the ambient air. They are mostly used in applications where the heat discharged is not a factor. They don’t need a cooling tower and condense water pump. The maintenance of air cooled chillers are less than water cooled units.

Air-cooled chillers are intended for outdoor installation and operation. Air-cooled machines are directly cooled by ambient air being mechanically circulated directly through the machine’s condenser coil to expel heat to the atmosphere.

Product Features (USP):

  • High performance and low operation cost.
  • Providing rapid and powerful cooling.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • High quality components.

Technical Specifications:

  • Cooling capacity:
    • For Water Cooled Chiller: 3 TR to any capacity.
    • For Air Cooled Chiller: Less than 1 TR to Any capacity.
  • Superior Performance: Internationally advanced Screw / Scroll Reciprocating compressor with several refrigerant circuits insures no stop when one circuit needs maintenance low noise efficient heat transfer.
  • Easy Installation: Compact structure, limited space so as to save time and expenses