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Product Description:

Paltech Fan less/Fill less/Jet type Cooling Tower are specially designed for giving ultimate performance with virtually no maintenance.

These cooling towers are based on the principle of transfer of heat from hot water to atmospheric air by arranging the both air & water to meet each other in such a fashion that heat transfer is maximum.

Technical Description:

The material of construction of these cooling towers are FRP for louvers. The distribution system is made up of GI/PVC and structure is of HDGMS/Pultruded FRP. Specially designed Nylon/PP nozzles are used for achieving maximum efficiency. These towers are available with, FRP coated MS Basin or without basin.

Paltech Cooling Towers has a vast range of models to suit different requirements.

Capacity: The capacity range is from 5 TR and onwards.

Note: Dimensions & other Engineering Data are available with Proposal / Quotation.