Flat Bottom Tank: Flat Bottom tanks are the most common used tanks in the industry. All Flat Bottoms are designed in accordance with ASTM D-3299 or D-4097 standards. They are the most cost effective way to store product. The tank flat bottom requires a flat surface to give full support.

Horizontal Tanks: Horizontal tanks are a great choice when floor space is not an issue and head room is at a minimum. The Horizontal tank ends are ASME Flanged & Dished for added strength and capacity. Horizontal tanks come standard with a minimum of two primed carbon Steel support saddles which provide a standard 12″ under clearance from the tank bottom to the bottom of the saddles. Support saddles can be provided as painted carbon Steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), T- 304 or T-316 stainless Steel, at an additional cost.

* Better corrosion resistant
* High mechanical strength at low specific gravity
* Ease of maintenance
* Good insulating quality
* Light weight
* Easy installation
* Low repair down time
* Good resistance of weathering
* Good chemical resistance
* Economical compared to MS/SS

Available Capacity: 50 Liters up to 50,000 liters

Quality: We do follow standard manufacturing practices for the manufacturing of the FRP Chemical Storage tanks. The codes, we follow for design and engineering of these FRP Chemical Storage Tanks are:
* BS 4994-1992
* ASTMD-4097-88 For Contact Moulding Tanks
* ASTMD -3299-88- For Filament Wound FRP Tanks
* ASME/ANSI/RTP 1 -1995- For reinforced Thermo set Plastic Tanks

Industries Served

* Automotive
* Municipalities – Water & Waste Water Treatment
* Food & Beverage
* Pharmaceutical
* Chemical Processing
* Metal Finishing
* Steel
* Pulp & Paper
* Agricultural