Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Water is most important element which is necessary to life for all the living beings on the earth in absence of water no one can exist. So we should not pollute / waste water and save / conserve it for future generations. Due to increasing ongoing industrialisation, population growth, water availability decrease. Utility value of world’s freshwater resources like lakes and rivers are diminishing rapidly due to over exploitation & pollution. The day is not far off when even a drop will become scarce. The objective of Water Treatment is to produce treated water for drinking, house hold application, industrial application, agricultural application and safe disposal.

Water Treatment describes those processes which are used to make water more acceptable if desired water quality to end-user. These can include as drinking water, industrial processes, medical, municipal corporation and many more. The goal of all water treatment process is to remove existing contaminants so that produced water quality meets end user requirement as per governing regulatory. The processes of water treatments are pre-Filtration, Filtration / Softening / Demineralization / Deionisation / Reverse Osmosis/ /Desalination/Zero Liquid discharge /Effluent & sewage Treatment Plants etc.